Washed Out Festival 2019 Review

Now in its third year, local Brighton promoter Patrick McNaught’s Washed Out Festival continues to go from strength to strength. Even with Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar no more, there’s no stopping the show as new venues Latest Music Bar and Patterns are added to the roster. Due to weather and other commitments, it’s a slightly truncated visit for us this year – missing all the warm-up fun on Friday night – but nevertheless the usual one of discovery into the DIY punk scene.


New Adventures Conference 2019

It’s been six years since the glorious Nottingham Albert Hall played host to the last New Adventures conference in 2013. It’s fair to say the digital and design world has changed a frightening amount in that time, so it’s with a reassuring comfort of familiarity that we welcome it back.

While the curators of New Adventures, Simon Collison and Geri Coady, officially label the event as a digital design conference, it’s much better described as a whole immersive creative and inspirational experience.


GOTB – Year in Review 2018

Writing the 2017 Review for Get Off The Bandwagon seems both a lifetime ago, and only yesterday. The good news is, the number of readers on the site has remained incredibly healthy, despite the lesser news of not much content being produced over the last twelve months.


  • 2018 saw 15,649 unique visitors to the site (down from 18,748 in 2017).
  • Nearly 75% of the views were from the UK and USA, with Canada third.


Eight Artists To Watch Out For In 2019

As we reminisce on the last 12 months with Spotify’s 2018 Unwrapped, it’s time to see what bands and solo artists look set to breakthrough in the next year.


It’s fair to say Liverpool’s Zuzu is a multi-talented creative – as well as her music seeing her constantly on tour, releasing several singles and even a decent Christmas song, she also finds time to act in and direct her own music videos as well as illustrating comic books.


TV Review: The Bridge

The epic Scandi-drama Bron/Broen bows out with a thrilling finale, meaning the end of this Saga, in every sense.

“Saga Norén, Länskrim Malmö (Malmo CID)” – It’s the call sign we’ve heard dozens of times. Over the course of the last four seasons, our Swedish heroine detective has seen it all, from the rise and fall of her partnership with loveable, but flawed Danish policeman Martin Rohde, to this culmination of an elongated story arc with current handsome, but beset-by-tragedy co-crimefighter, Henrik Sabroe.