Glastonbury 2016: Review

After much criticism of the line-up in the media, and hundreds of complaints about the conditions and endless queues just to get on site, could Glastonbury live up to its status of Britain’s best festival, or is the magic starting to wear off?

There’s a certain degree of poignancy going into this year’s Glastonbury, not least with the death of two musical icons associated with the festival. It’s no surprise to see Bowie’s ‘Aladdin Sane’ lightning flash adorning the Pyramid Stage, while Prince’s legacy – forever rumoured to be playing, but seemingly the one that got away – felt everywhere.


Problems Moving House With a Virgin Media TiVo Box

Beware – your TiVo box may not work in a new region, and you could lose all your recordings

We relocated a few months ago and amongst the huge list of services and contracts to transfer to a new address is, of course, your TV, Phone and Internet provider. Unfortunately transferring to a new address with Virgin Media wasn’t all they promised.

In the UK there’s essentially three providers of the all-in-one telecoms package – BT, Sky and Virgin Media.


Why Coldplay Will Silence The Glastonbury Critics

With Glastonbury only days away, excitement is building with those attending. Of course, nowadays with extensive coverage across the BBC, millions more at home get to see performances from across the weekend. As great as this is, it can lead to a climate of armchair viewers who, coupled by the media’s influence, make poorly informed judgements about the festival without having really experienced it.

Anyone that’s been to Glastonbury knows that watching it on the BBC is actually nothing like attending the festival itself.