Goodbye, For Now…

While it feels strange to be writing the last ever post on Get Off The Bandwagon, this is more of a intermission than a eulogy.

As mentioned in the 2019 Year in Review, after twelve years of blogging at this domain, I’m moving my writing to my personal website later in the year. Having been in the web industry for nearly 20 years, and blogging intermittently throughout that time, it wasn’t until the last five or so years that it really took off consistently.


GOTB – Year in Review 2019

Yes, it’s already 12 months since the 2018 Review. As detailed below, this is likely to be the last of these yearly reviews published on Get Off The Bandwagon, but nevertheless it’s been a great twelve months.


  • 2019 saw 21,025 unique visitors to the site (up from 15,649 in 2017).
  • Over 78% of the views were from the UK and USA, with Canada third.
  • Once again, technology articles accounted for the majority of the site’s traffic.


Best of 2019

While there are plenty of end of year lists ratings, looking back at this post from 2014 reminded me that not everything needs to be quantified. With that in mind, here’s some great things from the past year that you should enjoy if you haven’t already…


Young and Cool – Woahnows

At 26 minutes this is a brief, but near-perfect piece of angst-pop. Since moving to Bristol, Woahnow’s lead singer Tim Rowing-Parker has a new-found confidence, and through these almost demo-sized songs demonstrates it wonderfully.


11 Great Things From 2014: Where Are They Now?

Each year we all read hundreds of end-of-year lists, but how well do they hold up in retrospect? Five years ago, we published 11 Great Things From 2014: Much has changed in the latter half of the decade – including the death of excellent steaming service Rdio – so what became of our choices? 

Note: This article is completely spoiler-free.


Elbow – The Take Off and Landing of Everything

2014: “A hark back to the Elbow of old…wonderfully understated but intensively emotive”

After the unexpected commercial success of ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, and more disjointed and morbid follow-up ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’


New Adventures Conference 2019

It’s been six years since the glorious Nottingham Albert Hall played host to the last New Adventures conference in 2013. It’s fair to say the digital and design world has changed a frightening amount in that time, so it’s with a reassuring comfort of familiarity that we welcome it back.

While the curators of New Adventures, Simon Collison and Geri Coady, officially label the event as a digital design conference, it’s much better described as a whole immersive creative and inspirational experience.