I’m a big foodie and love discovering new things, but when I tucked into some Mixed Pickle with my curry the other night I was surprised to see one of the main ingredients was something I didn’t recognise.

Amongst the chunks of sweet, curried fruit and veg were several unusual green berries – about the size and shape of a caper, but much harder and revealing a dark red centre when cut open. The mixed pickle in question was from leading curry sauce and condiment maker Patak’s, which lists the mystery fruit as Karamdas.


Beautiful Japanese Phrases We Don’t Have in English

There are many differences between the Western world and some of the more traditional Asian cultures, not just in the way people live their lives, but also in the way we express ourselves.

This list of 14 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life from BuzzFeed perfectly illustrates that, with phrases we just don’t have the right words for in English.

If you are ever lucky enough to visit Japan – and you really should – to get a real cultural experience you should think about staying a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn.


My Second Best Man’s Speech

Out of everything I’ve written over the years, my most popular article has easily been The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Best Man’s Speech from 2013.

This year I was lucky enough to be asked to be a Best Man for the second time and, of course, give a speech at the wedding. Naturally, I re-read my own advice and luckily the preparation all went smoothly – including organising the Stag Do – and the day itself was a great success.


Alain Bossuyt’s James Bond Fan Art Posters

As with any new James Bond release, the new film Spectre brings with it a plethora of product placement and 007 branding, all in its usual slick, glossy style.

For a slightly different take on the franchise, Alain Bossuyt, an illustrator from Lille, has spent the last year working on a self-started project creating alternative James Bond posters with a vintage theme. The results are beautifully crafted pieces of art, including this latest piece featuring Spectre.


Top Three Summer Trips For You and Your Friends

It’s been an excellent summer this year, and, with the exception of a short trip to Morocco, I’ve spent the whole time enjoying some of the great things that Britain has to offer.

So, based on my own travels over the last few months, here’s three of my favourite staycation ideas for you to try with your friends:


Whereas there are several easy methods of discovering and booking hotels online, finding decent B&Bs has always been a hard task.