2000 Trees Festival Guide & Tips

So it was our first visit to 2000 Trees festival this year, and one we’d throughly recommend. That said, being a small festival that’s grown very quickly, it does have its quirks – mostly good, but some which could be improved. Here’s some top tips for first-timers at Upcote Farm…


Let’s start with the most obvious. The official 2000 Trees site isn’t great, and often contains out-of-date information, hence why this article exists. Indeed the info pages for this year’s festival still contain all the details for 2018.


The Rise of Pop Music at Glastonbury

There’s always much debate about the headliners at Worthy Farm, but has the heavy pop influence in recent years had a worrying knock-on effect further down the bill? 

As another outdoor music season draws to a close, it’s fair to say that the festival industry in the UK is at a pivotal position. The last decade has seen an incredible rise in the number of smaller festivals popping up, but this year the tide is turning.


Marion’s long trip back from obscurity

You probably won’t remember Marion. Apart from one song on an indie compilation then never even registered on our Britpop radar, we hadn’t either, but it turns out they have a tale to tell greater than most who survived that era.

Marion split in 1999 having had a mediocre career, one that promised to flourish but never delivered. To find out why, check out frontman Jaime Harding’s strikingly honest and open interview with Luke Lewis from the NME.


Capdown Claim Death of a Genre

This is an archived post from Wishes on Eyelashes, a previous incarnation of this site.

Considering they have been all but extinct for the last five years, Capdown are a band full of ambition. Shrugging off the ska/punk genre with which they have been labelled in the past, the band return in 2007 with a new album, new tour and new attitude to go with it. We speak to lead singer Jake Sims-Fielding about the band’s upcoming release.