BT Sport Europe on Virgin Media

Virgin Media customers unhappy at blanket £3 per month price rise across XL TV package to fund BT Sport Europe, but does it underline a wider problem with the way our TV services are sold?

The way we consume television has changed dramatically over the last few years in the UK. Aside from regular terrestrial analogue channels, for many years there was only one alternative: Sky’s satellite subscription service. Now though, with both Virgin Media and BT serious competitors to an already decent basic Freeview service, the consumer has more choice than ever.


The Ultimate Guide to Training for a Half Marathon

Back in October 2013 I ran my first proper running race, the Great Eastern Run half marathon. While I’m a fairly fit person who exercises regularly, I found most of the training plans available quite boring, very restrictive and unsuitable to people who work long hours each week.

So here’s my guide to help you reach a half marathon training length the easier way, fits around your regular schedule and won’t take over your life.

Please note: This is NOT a training plan for someone who has never run before or doesn’t regularly exercise, nor for trained athletes trying to compete seriously.


Martin Brundle’s F1 Commentary Bingo

It’s that time of year again, Formula One is soon to be back on our screens. To celebrate, here’s a freebie for you to entertain yourselves whilst listening to the expert commentary of Martin Brundle and David Croft on Sky F1.

The Martin Brundle Bingo Card 1 contains all your favourite phrases: “Box Full of Neutrals”, “This Stage of the Grand Prix”, “Like a Bag of Nails”, “Flat Spot”, “Vettel’s Helmet”, “Stellar Performance”, “On The Bubble”, and of course “Kissing The Apex”.


Why I’m Quitting Fantasy Football

So it’s 3pm on the first Saturday of the Premier League season and this year one thing is strikingly different – I don’t have a Fantasy Football team.

I’ve taken part in versions of Fantasy Football right back to when you had to write into the paper to submit your team (The Telegraph for me), calculate your spending manually and points were only awarded for Goals, Appearances, Assists and Clean Sheets. The year they brought in a form you could send off to make substitutions – only up to three changes per season mind you – seemed revolutionary.