Why I’m Quitting Fantasy Football

So it’s 3pm on the first Saturday of the Premier League season and this year one thing is strikingly different – I don’t have a Fantasy Football team.

I’ve taken part in versions of Fantasy Football right back to when you had to write into the paper to submit your team (The Telegraph for me), calculate your spending manually and points were only awarded for Goals, Appearances, Assists and Clean Sheets. The year they brought in a form you could send off to make substitutions – only up to three changes per season mind you – seemed revolutionary.


Hodgson needs time to rebuild

So Gerrard Houllier is ‘being given time’ at Aston Villa (18th in the Premier League), while Roy Hodgson is ‘facing the axe’ at Liverpool (12th position). Two very similar stories and situations, separated by one marked difference – the expectations of the two club’s fans.

While there is no doubt that Liverpool are facing a real crisis at the moment, it would be foolish not to give Hodgson more time. For a club that traditionally backs their managers to the hilt (see Benitez circa 2009) the treatment of the former Inter and Finland manger has been ridiculous.


ITV Football: Budget All Over

At least it wasn’t on Setanta…

So International Football returned to ITV last night, with the crown jewels of England home games joining its hat-trick of contracts which also includes the FA Cup and of course, the Champions League.

Unfortunately with all the talk of budget cuts at the network, it seemed the cost-cutting has already reached its footballing output.

It didn’t start well. After an over-long opening sequence featured horribly generic grey computer-generated British landmarks with brief flashes of red and white appearing between the architecture (which was already five minutes after the advertised time), it was never going to be a glorious new revolution.


Benfica 1-0 Liverpool

This is an archived post from Wishes on Eyelashes, a previous incarnation of this site.

On a night when a goalless draw seemed a poor result for Liverpool, Anderson Luisao scored a late header to ruin Rafael Benitez’s evening.

The Liverpool manager was left fuming as the giant Benfica defender brushed aside Sámi Hyypia and sent a 84th minute header flying past a stranded Claudio Reina.

For much of the game the Portuguese side failed to deliver anything of any class to challenge Liverpool.


Eriksson Finally Pays The Price

This is an archived post from Wishes on Eyelashes, a previous incarnation of this site.

So ‘Sheik-gate’ was more than just a tabloid scandal. Tonight Sven-Goran Eriksson finally lost his job, albeit suspended until after the World Cup.

It is reassuring to see that the Football Association have finally come to their senses after three years of money-led decisions. The simple truth is that had it not been for the lucrative web of a contract that the FA had given the Swede, he would have been sacked months ago.