My iPhone 6s Home Screen

Two years ago I first shared my iPhone 4S Home Screen, shortly before upgrading to the iPhone 6s. With my usual biennial update due soon – whatever the new iPhones may be called – it’s time to look back at how my home screen has changed over the period.

The Main Players

Not one for dramatic changes, my dock has remained steadfast. The four key built-in iOS apps Phone, Mail, Safari and Messages, still fill the fixed bottom row.


Fix iPhone iOS Mail Broken Push/Fetch Not Updating in Background

In the last few years, certainly spanning iOS 8 and iOS 9, you may have experienced a bug with the Mail app on iPhone not updating in the background. Here’s one solution that may fix it.

The way Apple Mail on iOS should work is simple – unlike other iPhone apps there is no ‘background app refresh’ option, you choose between ‘Push’, ‘Fetch’ and ‘Manual’. ‘Push’ is the most common with email accounts these days, forming a constant connection with your email provider to allow it to send emails straight to your phone.


Ten reasons you should upgrade from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6S

If you are still hanging on to 2011’s iPhone 4S, you will probably have come to the realisation that it might be finally time to upgrade now that it doesn’t support iOS 10. But if you don’t want to spend big on the newly-released iPhone 7, maybe the cheaper iPhone 6S is for you.

1. Size

There’s no doubt the first thing you’ll notice when holding an iPhone 6S for the first time is that it feels huge compared to the iPhone 4S.


What’s Happened to Apple’s HomeKit?

The technology for iOS which launched over 18 months ago and was purported to seamlessly link your home security, technology and heating, has gone cold.

Announced in June 2014 at WWDC (94 mins in), HomeKit was much heralded in the home technology market, with Apple’s keynote speaker Craig Federighi declaring it would “bring some rationality to this space”. Alas, this is yet to materialise, with Apple having little very impact in this market at all since.


My iPhone 4s Home Screen

The home screen is the pinnacle of iPhone personalisation, the thing that separates our individual generic devices from each others. Which few apps do you choose as the most precious? It’s the modern day equivalent of MySpace’s ‘Top Friends’ (look it up, kids).

I think the first person I saw regularly sharing shots of their home screen was Shaun Blanc, but this has now become a fairly standard thing to do. For me though, it’s more about why people choose the apps they do and its evolution over time, as demonstrated by this 37signals blog post and indeed more broadly throughout Shaun’s regular series of Sweet Mac Setups.