What To Do If Your iPhone Is Stolen Abroad

Back in July we ventured to Morocco – it’s a wonderful place, but unfortunately during the trip we were mugged and had a handbag stolen which contained my iPhone. We’re fine, thankfully, but I did learn a few valuable tips about having your iPhone stolen abroad, and the precautions you can take before travelling.

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iPhone Security – Before You Travel

None of us want to lose our iPhone, but by being prepared in advance you can make life much easier if the worst does happen.


Reset ‘Trust This Computer’ Alert on iOS

Have you ever accidentally hit the ‘Trust this computer’ pop-up message alert on your iPhone or iPad and can’t undo it? Fear not, there is a way to solve the problem.

Most of the time the Apple ecosystem is brilliant, making your devices work seamlessly without you having to worry about them. Of course, the downside of this is when something doesn’t function as you expect it, the result is even more frustrating.

While it is annoying though, the flip-side is to have an non-closed system that you can tinker with, but is susceptible to attack and security threats.


How to View External Drive Encryption Progress in OS X

We all know you should have a rigorous backup system in place for your Macs, which may well include cloning your data to an encrypted external hard drive.

But, while encrypting an external drive in OS X has been a fairly simple process since Mountain Lion, unfortunately there’s no easy way to show the progress status of the encryption. Given that large drives can take days to encrypt, this can be incredibly frustrating.

Having searched around for solution I found this excellent tip from StackExchange, which uses the Terminal to display the encryption status.


My Backup Strategy for OS X

We’ve all been there, or know someone who has: Whether it be a document you forgot to save, a USB stick you misplaced or even a whole corrupted computer drive – it’s far too easy to lose digital files that are important to us.

Backing up our data – whether it be precious family photos or important work documents – is so easy, but yet so few of us actually ever get round to doing anything about it until it’s too late.


Fix iOS Problem With iPhone/iPad Mobile Settings Not Saving

I had a strange iOS problem the other day – my iPhone 4s’s Mobile settings (Cellular settings for those not in UK) wouldn’t stay set in the ‘on’ or ‘off’ position.

Now while this isn’t the end of the world, it meant that I couldn’t ever guarantee that the iPhone wasn’t using tons of my data allowance – not ideal.

After the obvious solutions (hard reset, restoring from backup etc), most online research pointed to the dreaded clean reinstall of iOS – something that no-one really wants to do.