Productivity Apps

One of the hardest tasks of working alone as a freelancer is managing your own time and productivity. The struggle to overcome the urge to procrastinate or not get overwhelmed by the enormity of differing workloads can often be tough.

In its simplest terms – as David Allen will attribute – the best way to get things done is to break larger projects into smaller chunks, and have one definitive capture device and to-do list for all your tasks.


Offsite Online Backup – CrashPlan

We should all have a sensible backup plan and part of that should always be off-site backup. This could take the form of a hard drive stored away from your premises, but there are an array of online cloud hosting backup services that make it even easier to safeguard your precious files in the event of a disaster.

My choice of cloud backup provider used to be Mozy, enticed by its unlimited upload limit. While perfectly adequate it always riled due to a really poor Mac app that drained the computer’s resources as well as hogging the internet connection (despite a throttling system).



Everyone has one of those folders full of junk on their computer – you know the one – you don’t know what to do with a file so you chuck it in there. For creative types sorting these files has always been an issue, a web-clipping here, a cute logo here, a nice colour palette somewhere else.

Then in 2008 Realmac Software released Mac app Littlesnapper and it changed the game forever. Combined with an website called Ember, you could collect, store, organise and share all those little creative snippets and easily access them for future reference.


Instapaper Yet To Fulfil Potential

Instapaper, for those who haven’t come across it, is a web-based bookmarking application. It is used for saving articles to read later, either through via the web app or via your mobile device.

Having used it for over two years now, it is a shame to say it hasn’t progressed greatly in that time. The various methods of bookmarking articles are fantastic and ever expanding. Whether hitting a bookmark link in Safari, tapping ‘Read Later’ in Twitter on your iPhone or saving from Google Reader, saving an article to Instapaper is never more than one click away.