How a Facebook Bug Lost My Username and Vanity URL

Back in 2009, Facebook first allowed people to have their own vanity URLs – a personal web address for their profile. Like many people I raced onto the site to grab my preferred name before someone else could get it.

I chose “myname”, the name I use on virtually all sites. Unfortunately in my haste and unbeknownst to me, my iPhone (trying to be helpful) auto-capitalised the first letter of the form field. Facebook’s coding should have prevented this – it’s a simple thing to prohibit in a form where you know the user is going to be inputting lowercase – but nevertheless my actual vanity URL was set to


Learning From YouTube

We all know how to wire a plug, right?

Twenty-five years ago, it was common for many small electrical appliances to be sold without a plug. As such, wiring one used to be one of the first pieces of basic DIY most people learnt. Unfortunately for the Internet generation this may no longer be the case, but then that’s what YouTube is for, isn’t it?

The Google-owned video-sharing site is fast becoming the principal way that the world consumes moving media, largely driven by music videos, en-vogue vloggers and, of course, general meandering.


Just Delete Me

Ever tried to delete your Evernote account? Or attempted to remove yourself from Facebook or Twitter? The likelihood is, it’s not as easy as you think.

There are many reasons for deleting an account with an online service, whether it has become redundant, simply boring or you’d rather not be sharing your information any more. As with all digital media, once it’s out there there’s not much you can do to remove personal data entirely, but surely it should be easy to shut your account on a website?


LOVEFiLM – A Thing Of The Past?

As much as I love the service that film rental company LOVEFiLM provides, I can’t help but feel it already feels like a thing of the past.

Looking back the old days of video rental seem so cumbersome now: Drive to the nearest Blockbuster / Choose a VHS / Hand over your membership card / Pay / Return home / Watch film / Return film to the shop before the given deadline (inevitably a last-minute rush to avoid hefty fines).