In the five years since I last published the article Podcasts To Which I Listen, the medium has gone from mostly being a home to niche shows by geeks and comedians, to everybody and their dog – quite literally – making podcasts. So what have I been listening to in 2019? 

The Main List

The Frank Skinner Show

Now in its tenth year, Frank Skinner’s flagship Absolute Radio show is still going strong, thanks in no small part to the perfectly edited podcast.


Radio 4 Comedy Review: Mark Watson Talks a Bit About Life / Small Scenes

Comedians may be the new rock stars, but comedy on the radio still has a certain ‘old fogie’ stigma attached to it. TV is where the money and fame lies, so is there any life left in the ageing wireless?

I should preface this piece by stating I am something of a radio-phobe when it comes to comedy. Apart from the odd show recommended by friends, I’ve mostly stuck to podcasts over the years. From Russell Brand’s excellent former Radio 2 show to the current crop of weekend comedic DJs like Josh Widdicombe, Frank Skinner and Rhod Gilbert, they are all easy listening, zoo-format riffing rather than laugh-out-loud programming.