TV Review: Peter Kay’s Car Share

People under a certain age would be forgiven for not knowing Peter Kay – a man that ten years ago was at his absolute pinnacle with multiple TV shows, stand-up tours and a Number One single, but then virtually disappeared in a self-imposed hiatus.

At that peak, despite being one of the driving forces behind stand-up becoming the arena-selling behemoth that it is today, Kay’s comedy was regularly being dismissed as too obvious and kitsch due to overexposure on our screens.


Best of 4oD / All 4 From 2014

With Channels 4’s recent on-demand service 4oD rebranding to All 4, here’s a look at three shows that you should definitely watch if you missed them last year.

Cucumber ( & Banana / Tofu)

Writer Russell T Davies’ natural successor to 1999’s legendary drama Queer As Folk, Cucumber was the centre-piece of ambitious three tiered output along with E4 sister show Banana and online documentary Tofu.

At times incredibly dark, but often laugh-out-loud funny, it divided the viewers and critics about the reality of its depiction of the Manchester gay scene, but nevertheless the underlying story arcs were one of genius.


Last Night’s TV: Broadchurch

ITV, 9pm

It’s fair to say Broadchurch has been getting somewhat of a kicking in the media lately. Despite both the public and the press lauding over the first series, this time around the viewing figures are rapidly declining and the critics are sharpening their knives.

One of the harshest critiques comes from Vicky Frost in The Guardian in her excellent ‘Broadchurch Recap‘ series, posted after each episode. This week’s article echoes several of my own views about the show, many of which are repeated in the comments.


The Simpsons Famous Title Sequence – Inspired By The Flintstones

Virgin Media’s TiVo platform here in the UK is great for many reasons, one of which being the interactive Discovery Bar, which often pops up with tailored suggestions for content you might like.

One day recently something caught my eye – The Flintstones. When I was younger this was one of my favourite cartoons in the days when classic Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes animations were still shown on mainstream TV rather than separate Sky channels.


Last Night’s TV: Glue

E4, 10pm

After eight weeks Glue comes to an end, and with it Cal’s killer is revealed. Writer Jack Thorne has great pedigree (Skins, This Is England, The Fades), but has the whodunnit countryside drama been a success?

You can’t help but feel sorry for Glue. What has been a decent piece of television over the last seven episodes has suffered terribly in the ratings. The result has been E4 desperately promoting it as some sort of teenage Broadchurch, begging everyone ask: ‘Who killed Cal?’.