Last Night’s TV: Broadchurch

ITV, 9pm

Just before the finale of the first series of Broadchurch producer Richard Strokes tweeted to ‘watch to the very, very end’. Viewers expected one final twist in an already incredible series, but what they got – an end-of-credits message proclaiming “Broadchurch Will Return” – divided fans.

From the very beginning Broadchurch was sold as a drama about community life, centred around a murder and its domino effect, rather than a basic whodunit.


Notes On Blindness

Directors: Peter Middleton and James Spinney

Documentary storytelling is a fine art, and finding the balance between participants and narrative whilst still creating a visual treat can be tricky. In Notes on Blindness filmmakers Peter Middleton and James Spinney attempt something even harder – looking through the eyes of writer and theologian John Hull, a man who’s vision is slowly deteriorating.

Notes on Blindness is a remarkable piece of work, not least because of the extraordinary audiotape diaries that Hull himself started recording once he became blind in 1983.


Beans on Toast

Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton – January 27th, 2017

Anyone who’s seen Beans On Toast before will know his act isn’t one for corporate arenas, making him the perfect champion for Independent Venue Week, which he’s supporting with seven days of gigs across Southern England and Wales.

That’s not to say the Braintree singer-sonwriter can’t hold his own on the big stage. He’s a regular at festivals all over the country and over the past few years has supported Frank Turner many times during his friend’s rise to fame, culminating at Wembley Arena in 2012.